Frequently Asked Questions

With the transfer of Allianz Insurance Luxembourg portfolios, the Foyer Group is strengthening its position as leader in the local insurance market, while Allianz Luxembourg is refocusing its strategy on its international life insurance business under the freedom to provide services (FoS). 

From 1 October, if you are unable to reach your agent/broker, who remains your main contact in all situations, we invite you to contact the services of Foyer Assurances S.A. directly:

- To report a claim or for information about an ongoing claim: 437 437 [email protected]

- For questions about an invoice or payment: 437 43 44 - [email protected]

- For questions about an existing contract or product:

o you are a private customer: 437 43 44 - [email protected]

o you are a company: 437 43 2384 - [email protected]



The number to contact in case of emergency (breakdown, accident) remains the same: +352 47 23 46 315.